Meet The Artists

DJ Rec

DJ Rec


With over 15 years of DJ experience DJ REC ran a weekly radio show for a decade entitled TRGGR RADIO on 91.1 WMUA with co-creator and co-host DR. Chris Tinson the co-founder of TRGGR (Teach. Respct. Growth. Greatness. Responsibility.) exploring politics, art, education, prison reform, media justice and music. He is a Doctoral Candidate in Teacher Education and Curriculum Studies at UMass Amherst and holds an M.A. in Social Justice in Education also from UMass Amherst.


Mtali Banda

The son of a Malawian refugee father and an African American mother, all the sounds Mtali Banda was exposed to growing up can now be heard in his music. Music was always there. Mtali Banda’s first tour was at age ten, singing in a gospel choir (his mom was the director) traveling from Washington, D.C. to Maine.

DJ Krefting

DJ Krefting


Matt Krefting is a writer, musician, and DJ based in Holyoke, Massachusetts. As a DJ, Krefting harnesses his eclectic enthusiasm to celebrate the music he adores and explore what these sounds might have to say to one another. He spins regularly in Western Massachusetts, including Genuine Culture events honoring J. Dilla, Nas, Wu-Tang Clan, and Notorious B.I.G., with more to come. Classic hip hop, experimental underground, funk, electronica, soul, modern composition, rock n roll, and much in between find their way into the mix. All styles have a seat at the table. Ears are always open and the work is never done. Go forth and delight, am I right?